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Choosing a Pool Builder

Aqua Clear Pools & Spas in Port Orange, FL believes that having a pool constructed should be a fun time for your family. In order for this to happen, we would like to share with you some basic tips and guidelines when choosing a pool builder.

Here are several things you should keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that everything agreed upon is in writing. Sales agents are paid with a commission, and they normally move on to the next sale whenever they close one. It is better to deal with the owner of the company because they will feel responsible for your pool project.
  2. Check if the builder has been in business for several years in your area without any name changes. Click here to conduct a search.
  3. Ask the builder to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for Liability and Worker’s Compensation. Make sure that your name appears in the “certificate holder” box. This will allow the insurance company to notify you of any changes.
  4. Ask the builder for references within your area to find out if he/she has a lot of work subcontracted. If that is the case, then it’s possible that you may not have the same workers handling your project.
  5. Get a list of the subcontractors and verify if they also have worker’s compensation.
  6. Never pay a large deposit to a company prior to the start of a project. It is okay for them to collect 50% of the amount when the shell of the pool has already been installed. Also, do not pay a builder for a draw prior to them finishing it within the schedule you agreed upon.
  7. Before settling your bill with the builder, get Releases of Liens from the subcontractors that were on the job. This ensures that you won’t have to unfairly pay for anything twice.
  8. Ask them to provide you with a Contractor’s Affidavit when you settle the final payment. The affidavit should state that all subcontractors have been paid in full, and that there are no materials or labor due to anyone involved in the project.

Here are some useful links if you intend to do some research on your builder:

  • Visit the Better Business Bureau to review any complaints the company may have had. 
  • Visit the State of Florida Licensing portal to insure the company has a current license.
  • Visit the Worker's Compensation verification site to insure the company has a current worker's compensation policy in effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select the best pool builder for me?
Selecting a swimming pool contractor involves knowledge, reputation, and trust. All contractors in the state of Florida are required to have a state-issued license, just like other professionals. Ask if you can speak to the company’s license holder.

Does your prospective pool builder treat you with respect and take time to answer your questions? At Aqua Clear Pools & Spas, we offer numerous layers of customer care to ensure that your pool building experience is a positive one.

I’ve heard that homeowners can act as their own contractor and save money.
Contracting your own pool is unsafe. So-called consultants and designers are putting you at great risk by promoting this type of construction. For one, it is illegal in Florida to hire an unlicensed contractor to work on your pool project, and you could get fined as much as $5,000.

More importantly, you may be liable if a worker is injured on your property because this is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. A licensed pool contractor will be happy to demonstrate that he or she carries adequate insurance to protect you and your home when working on your property.

What kind of warranty comes with a swimming pool or spa?
Warranties differ from company to company. Generally, there are warranties offered by the pool contractor, while others are offered by the equipment manufacturers. Aqua Clear Pools & Spas warrants your entire project for a full year.

In all cases, your gunite shell carries a lifetime warranty, while all Hayward products carry a minimum warranty of 3 years. Your warranty will be fully explained before you purchase your pool, and you will be provided with complete documentation.

What is the cost of a pool?
Like houses, pools vary in price depending on factors such as size and amenities. However, the shape of the pool should not affect its price. We offer a variety of custom shapes and sizes to fit any budget. Often, customers find out that the payment for a new pool is less than the payment for a car!


What are the financing options for a pool?
There are generally 3 options for swimming pool purchases: cash, a mortgage or equity line on your existing home, and assisted financing.

I’ve seen advertisements, which offer pools at very low prices. Is this for real?
Yes and no. The offer is for real, but as with a lot of things, you get what you pay for. If you read the fine print on many of these teaser ads, you will notice that there is an inadequate deck or even none at all. Basically, they are gimmicks to get to your home so that they can sell a higher-priced model.

We at Aqua Clear Pools & Spas are proud of our products. We are happy to design a complete pool at a fair price with no hidden charges.

Do pools require a lot of maintenance?
Pools today offer a range of conveniences for the homeowner. However, beware of pool builders who offer “maintenance free pools.”

Have you ever heard of a maintenance-free car? Automated filtration, heating, electronic chlorinators, and wireless remote controls are options that you can discuss with your Aqua Clear Pools & Spas associate.

At Aqua Clear Pools & Spas, we want you to be delighted with your pool, regardless of whom you buy it from.
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